Welcome to the Snows of Yesteryear blog

Welcome to the Snows of Yesteryear blog; a brand new forum for extreme weather in Wales.
The blog's developing every day so keep an eye out for the latest changes, such as Flickr images of historical documents on the weather - coming soon!

One thought on “Welcome to the Snows of Yesteryear blog

  1. My mother in law died at 00.20 on the morning of December 17th 2010 in Tycroes, Carmarthenshire. The doctor couldn’t get to the bungalow to certify her death for several hours, neither could the District Nurses. The undertaker couldn’t get to us until 05.00, using a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Her funeral was a week later on Christmas Eve and again, only 4 wheeled drives could get to us, so no service in the house, no limos, many friends and family struggled to get to the chapel. It was a strange, sad time. The snow added to the feeling of a surreal experience. The silence that night was eerie, almost deafening.