Jenny Ogwen’s Extreme Weather

During the project’s time at the National Eisteddfod in Llandw recently, we spoke to Jenny Ogwen, a familiar face in Wales as she used to present the weather forecasts on S4C (the Welsh-language public-service television channel). She was there to promote her autobiography entitled ‘Glaw a Hindda’ (‘Rain and Shine’). When asked what periods of extreme weather she remembers during her career, her answers were:

“1963 – Eira Mowr – Llundain a dros Brydain.

1976 – Haf tanboeth – drought ym mhobman.”

She remembers the Great Snow of 1963 in London and over Britain (she was working in London at the time), and the scorching summer of 1976 as there was drought everywhere.

What do you remember of these periods?

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