Other websites for Extreme Weather

In addition to direct contributors to this blog, The Snows of Yesteryear project gains inspiration and information from other websites which may be of interest to weather enthusiasts:


Llen Natur’s Tywyddiadur, where you can search for accounts of the weather according to date.

From Warfare to Welfare’s The Valley, which is a digital story by Bryn Hughes, a Ceredigion farmer, and includes an account of the snow during 1947.

The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales’ colour footage of “The Great Blizzard of 1947”, showing shots of a tractor/snow plough and volunteers in action at Llanwddyn, which was snowed up for 9 weeks, and shots of the streets of Newtown. Filmed by Geoff Charles.

People’s Collection Wales’ photos of snow (‘eira’), including the winters of 1962/63 and 1981/82.

British Pathe’s film of Storm Damage at Aberystwyth in 1938.

Photography by John Mason of Aberystwyth of Stormclouds, Rain and Floods, Winter weather, and colourful skies.


From outside Wales, the following are found to be particularly interesting:

 The Weather Memory bank, which has video clips of people in Reading answering set questions on the weather.

Flood Memories blog for the River Severn, mainly concerned with the Tewkesbury floods of 2007.

The British Hydrological Society’s Chronology of British Hydrological Events. Search the database according to date and/or river catchment in the UK.


If any of these pictures, videos or written accounts strike a chord, why not share your memories of similar extreme weather right here using our comments form.

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