January 2013: Snow at Talgarreg

Snow has caused some disruption to The Snows of Yesteryear project in the last few days, as heavy snowfall and strong winds resulted in drifts and poor driving conditions. One of the areas affected was Talgarreg, Llandysul. Though forecasts have mostly been correct, sudden snowfall in the Talgarreg area on Monday 14th January and Thursday 17th  caught many by surprise. However, the greatest fall of snow occurred on Friday 18th, which was accompanied by strong winds. The snow clung to windows, resulting in poor visibility and an intense sense of isolation. At Clettwr, snow was blown into lambing sheds; under doors and through holes in walls. By the time night fell, the farm lane which ascends the Clettwr valley was blocked by deep drifts, making it unconquerable even to a 4×4 vehicle (see photo below for a drift on the side of the farm lane). Nearby B-roads, such as the Synod Inn to Llanybydder road and the Synod Inn to Ffostrasol road, were also closed, until they were re-opened by snow-ploughs the following day.

On Thursday 24th January, as this blog entry is being written, the A- and B-roads are open and clear, though the smaller C-road and farm lane down to Clettwr still require great care. The car is left at the end of the farm lane; though it may be possible to drive it down the hill, it may not be able to come back up! This requires a twice-daily walk to and from the car in sturdy walking boots and warm clothes. Though this may seem an inconvenience, recollections of the conditions at Clettwr during the 1962/63 winter put it in perspective (read ‘Expert number 2’ here). Note that Clettwr no longer has any dairy cows so, luckily, milk wastage is no longer a problem.

Yesterday (Wednesday 23rd January), southwest Wales was greatly affected by heavy snowfall which, luckily, wasn’t too bad at Talgarreg, though Dyffryn Teifi School (Llandysul) was closed and remains closed today (24/1/2013). The area wasn’t forewarned of snow and, as TV and radio weather presenters reminded us throughout yesterday, “snow is a very difficult thing to predict”.


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